British Consulate in Chicago Research Residency, 2014

I was artist-in-residence in Sept - Oct 2014, supported by Arts Council England. This research residency provided the opportunity to extend my research on housing, the built environment and social architecture to Chicago.

This series of collage drawings are an investigation into Meidner's 'Instructions for Painting Pictues of the Metropolis' (1914), where he states 'when we look upon our cities, what do we see but battles of mathematics? See what triangles and circles and polygons assault us in the street.' The question of how we interpret a modern landscape is at the centre of this work. It interrogates the difference between the dominating, abstract, global narratives and the intrinsic, physical networks of cities. 

Read more about the residency on the Chicago Sister Cities International blog here

Part of this series was on show at Scope Art Fair Miami in Dec 2014.