News in Briefs, 2014


Featuring imagery from newspapers, this drawing was made throughout 2014, bringing together Nigel Farage, Nyan Cat, Kim Kardarshian and Cookie Monster. News in Briefs was commissioned for mac Birmingham, as part of the exhibition '50 Years On: The Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies'. The full drawing was photographed and turned into a newspaper, which was freely distributed as part of the show. The work was featured in the Guardian newspaper, click here to read more. The work was informed by ideas around open access to information and the public domain. 

Exhibition: 50 Years On, mac, 2014. With Sarah Maple, David Batchelor, Mahtab Hussain, Nick Waplington, Trevor Appleson, Sarah Taylor Silverwood

Texts by Kieran Connell and Sarah Taylor Silverwood - click here