West Point, 2015

55 Years of a Modern Housing Estate

This artist's book uses a series of interviews with real residents of the West Point housing estate, past and present, to examine how architectural design has played a part in people's lives over 55 years. These interviews sit alongside explorations of original archive material and architectural plans.

The West Point housing estate was opened by award winning housing developer McLeans in 1960. These post-war architectural designs were influenced by functionalism and modernism, and built to inspire a 'new way of living'. The project instigates conversations about how architectural design can influence the way people live and interact, with an overarching narrative of the housing boom in the post-war era. The project follows on from research done during a residency researching housing in Chicago (British Consulate in Chicago residency, 2014)

The project is the culmination of spending a six month residency on the housing estate, using the Good Honest Food cafe as a base to hold tea parties, conduct interviews and draw residents.

Printed by Rope Press. Limited Edition risograph print of 500.

Project curated by Anna Douglas, and supported by Arts Council England.

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